Group Rates available for 3 or more horses.

Terms of Payment

  • Payment is due and expected on completion of work, unless prior arrangements where made.
  • Checks and cash are acceptable forms of payment.
  • Billing fee (added to total when an unpaid invoice is mailed out or left at
    the stable): $10.00
  • NSF cheque fee: $35.00

Barefoot Trimming Fees

Single Trim: $Call
Regular Trim: $Call
Pull 2-shoes and trim: $Call
Pull 4-shoes and trim: $Call

Horseshoeing Fees

Front and hind-4 steel shoes: $Call
Front and hind-reset: $Call
Front only-2 steel shoes: $Call
Front reset: $Call

 Mileage Rates – 
Within 50 miles of DeRidder area: $25
Other Areas: call for rates

Note:    For other services not listed or for specialized services:  Call